Thursday, 3 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: thumbnails 2


Added with Photoshop

Here are more thumbnail designs that are based on Extract 1 of AJttCotE. The left image is the scanned copy and felt better to depict this in colour.

The first image I felt that the viewpoint has gone dodgy but is something that I could work on, though I liked the idea of a lava river with rocks that act as a step towards the cave or the other side. though to the near far right of the image, I felt that this side can go cold as the extract mentions ice formations along with metals as well.  But because of the size width of the image, the "cold" seems to be too close to the "warm, hot" lava.

The second image has the same explanation of the cold being to close to the hot, though I've decided to add in an ice cave taken from the extract.

The third image, I felt that I could try and explore this into a different area, something in the style of Indiana Jones with a bubbling hot lava below and a rope bridge that connects one side to the cave on the other. I'm also considering whether to add the cold into the background or leave it as it is.

1 comment :

  1. Hey Joe,

    I have to say these thumbs are nice and much nicer now that I can see the lines :) Cant help it I just love line art. I personally think number 1 is a good direction to take this concept... the use of the distant door plays on the mind...

    Whats in there?
    Are there creatures?
    Are there more colours?

    You will also want to include some heat embers, especially if you are near lava. I can show you what I mean next week should give you the idea :)

    Keep it up Joe ;)