Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Interim Online Review

Interim Online Review


  1. OGR 08/11/2011

    Evening Jojo,

    Firstly - that's a very nicely put together OGR - and I like the exploded diagrams in which you're isolating the key descriptors of your environment - it's a very clear, very visual way of 'unpacking' your extracts :) It's great to see you and Stitch conversing so frequently, and I see you're already swapping tips re. project management etc., which can only be a good thing.

    Just before I began this feedback, I saw that you've just posted your latest revision of your final portrait; you're making progress and that's great. I do think, however, that you can be MUCH bolder in terms of colour and lighting - for example, the orange light being thrown off that lava would be intense, it would be rim lighting the rock formations in the foreground, and picking out details on the ceiling - and if you had a cold blue light coming in from the right, you'd have some really punchy colour values going on. You've got be careful that this image doesn't just descend into 'brownness', You need to talk with Photoshop Phill about brushes, as I assume that the soft quality of your image will be because of samey brush work throughout. In terms of colour design, however - and thinking in much more bold terms, consider these resources - especially the Colour Scheme Designer tool, as it reassures in regard to complimentary and contrasting colour schemes.


    If I'm honest, I really don't like the 'cute' whimsical mushrooms in your thumbnails - they rather steal all the 'boy's own adventure' from that scene; it looks like a children's television programme - Teletubbies or similar. It just seems natural to me to build that scene so that we're amongst the shrooms, so we can see all the great detailing of the gills - it also means you have to think about the forest floor a bit more, and in terms of lighting, there's much more interest if we're beneath the canopy of shrooms as opposed to high above it.

    Likewise, the scene looking out at the sea from inside the cave is, well, a bit dull. It seems to me, Jojo, that if you have a dinosaurs' graveyard to play with in a scene, then play with it you should! You've got to think a littlemore 'IMAX' and 'Roland Emmerich' and give these spaces some visual wallop! I suggest you make the dinosaur bones the focus - and think BIG. Remember, your job as concept artist is to 'go large' and really make the most of the widescreen format.

    Your written assignment chooses Caligari - and why not? It's probably the clearest example of the relationship between production design and story there is, but you'll need to define 'production design' and 'visual concept' in general before getting stuck into Caligari more specifically. Remember you need to treat your assignments as self-contained experiences, so any specialist terms/ideas need to be introduced and defined within the bounds of the essay before you apply them to your case-study. You'll find some specific production design resources on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials,

  2. A very well structured OGR, no advice other then keep it up :)