Friday, 18 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Shore thumbnails

added with blood
flipped horizontal
After having helpful advice from TutorPhil yesterday, I've managed to come up with another thumbnail done on Photoshop. I took the idea of having enlarged bones along with some others in the background and adding a little figure to show the scale of the bones. Though doing this, I felt that the ribcage in the foreground might have overtook the view a little too much as it slightly blocks the view in the background.
I did thought about whether to add some blood or not in the image and so experimented with it. Though it adds colour to the image, it does stand out from its previous image when its just "clean" bones. I've also flipped the image around to see which side of view works best but both works well.

adding colours

grey scale

This thumbnail was done before talking to TutorPhil and as you can see, the skeleton bones are too small. The view looks dull as at the start this was going to be like a cave like structure with a bright light coming from the left. This didn't seemed to work and after having the advice I felt that I can come up with something much better than this.


  1. Hey Joe,

    A few pointers here...

    The first image is too much with the bones I agree... It especially doesn't compensate for the name of the unit (I.e. space)...

    The blood really didn't suit... The thing about liquids on surfacs is if you aren't careful they can make something look worse. I feel the second thumb holds more merit I have some advice for that point...

    The scene and angle are good but it's only boring because you have nothing going on on the arching wall that covers it... Try putting in stalactites or a tunnel that goes into another part of the cave... Make the rock formations bold and interesting try to fill that void... Jut rocks out of the water and stones on the beach... Go as far as you can.... To a point...

    You should know when it's enough, try not to overbear and apply the less is more idea where appropriate...

    :) hope this helps Jo

  2. Hey Jo - that's a big bold composition with the bones - they dominate too much, but I think you could extend that drawing, shrinking it to fit inside a more opened out composition to get more of the world itself in there.