Thursday, 24 November 2011

Extract 3: The Shore Final Concept Art

Final Concept Art
Here is my final concept art for Extract 3's The Shore. I'm very pleased with the result as I felt that I have made an image that looks interesting comparing to the other thumbnails for this extract. I've made some slight changes to the image like extending the sea a little further back and add more dinosaur bones along with a directional sunlight to help create more depth to the image. A figure is put in the image, but was changed to stand closer to the dinosaur skull to help create the scale between man and dinosaur bones. I'm very happy with the result of the sky especailly how the clouds had turned out using the cloud brush tool as previous experiements with it didn't go as well as planned. But apart from all that I'm very happy with the result!! ^_^

Using perspective

Greyscale version

Added colour and sunlight
Added more dinosaur bones, sand textures and tones and moved the figure.

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