Thursday, 10 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: photoshop mushroom forest thumbnail

Black and white version

Here's another thumbnail for the Extract 2's forest of mushroom thumbnails done on Photoshop. I thought about the perceptions and tried to make the mushroom look more bigger than human, I also added in a figure as a representation of the size between man and mushrooms. I've also went and used warm colours an desaturated them down so that they're not bright like the previous images, which as a result looks better than the last ones.


  1. This looks great Joey :D. like how spaced out it feels :)

  2. Joey - you know what I think you should do? Go buy some plasticine - a lot - go make lots of mushrooms (recreate this scene as model on your desk at the halls) - get a torch, get a camera, turn the lights off and work with lighting - where the shadows fall on each mushroom cap etc... You'll also want to investigate ways to knock out some of that 'total softness' in terms of the way you're painting, and bring out some texture differences - as textural scale can also help in creating a sense of space; see this painting by Gustave Caillebotte as a great example:

    Look at the cobble stones - see how the texture recedes away from us, the gaps closing-up, the detail diminishing - see how it sells the idea of the perspective. Right now, all your textural values are the same - equal, which means that the textures close to us are at the same scale as the brush work further away, which collapses the space in the image. Give it go - loose weave in the foreground, much closer weave in the background.

  3. Thanks everyone,managed to get hold of plasticine and the other stuff only to got home and found out that my room had a power cut? good thing I got the torch handy!

    Hi Phil, thanks for the handy tip but I'm not really sure have I done the texture thing right on my latest image. Would you mind having a look at the latest version and give me advice on this please? :)