Monday, 3 October 2011

Zebra Influence map

The images within this influence map contains specific parts that I would like to concentrate more on when making my hybrid designs. The zebra cartoons on the top of the map are from The Lion King which I find that the simple design on the feet, head and stripes are quite interesting.

The middle left image is to focus on the posture as well as how the legs move when in action. The middle right image is a close up image of the stripes of the zebra even though zebras have various stripe patterns, I felt that having an image of it helps act as a rough guide.

Again the bottom left image is the whole look of the zebra, focusing on the structure of the body and the hooves. Lastly, the bottom right image is the close up of the zebra's head, looking at the designs and patterns of the stripes on its face and looking at the structure of the head and the eyes.

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