Monday, 3 October 2011

Photoshop!! Week 1 and 2!!

On the first week with photoshop Phil, we had a tutorial on drawing concept art using Photoshop. We did some practices on our own and I managed to draw a zebra on photoshop using the graphics tablet but ended up being strangely deformed.
The image taken from my sketch done on photoshop using the graphics tablet
So for the second week, I had some sketches prepared and showed them to Photoshop Phil. Though I've already started on drawing the lower right image on photoshop, Phil liked the idea of the upper far right image which is quite anthromorphic and that I should perhaps focus more on the faces. Though drawing a hybrid of human and a zebra is quite hard as most of the ideas mostly goes towards the direction of a centaur "only with stripes", the structure idea of "Mr Taumnus" is interesting as well but is also quite common. So for now its back to the drawing board...\(^ㅂ^)/

An experimental head whilst trying to show "agonising pain", looks strange but ugly!!

The sketches shown to Phil (middle images of the page were added in later)

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