Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Life Drawing Class: Week 5

Life drawing class today was pretty good, we did the 2 minute sketches with 17 different model poses. These I think that I'm getting the hang of this drawing a rough sketch of the body then adding in the tones later. I also tried out different methods for drawing like hatching, lines etc but also felt that it can be improved on if I had more time.

After the two minute sketches, we've used the "thumb-pencil" measurement method again to try to get the right proportions. This I am slightly getting used to but found it difficult in making changes to her head and shoulders as the model had her shoulder slightly different height from the other shoulder, making one side of her neck a bit longer than the other. Though with some slight changes made, I felt that this image looks successful.

Again, using the same method and routine, I found it difficult in getting the body proportions right this time because the arms and feet are slightly in the same distance "away" from the body since at first I've drawn the feet straight which made changes to make really hard. Though I feel that I could've improved more on this image if I had more time.

To finish the day off, we did five poses lasting two minutes each. They're not too bad though and I didn't get much time to add in the tones probably due to the tiredness I was in... :(

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