Monday, 10 October 2011

Hybrids and Me: Sketches 6 :P

Here are more sketch ideas for my hybrid design, I've looked at baby zebras and how the length of the feet is much longer. I've also given thought about the faces as well as body structure but still not sure... :S

More head ideas!!

 < eyes designs

Having some fun and designing the look of the stripes!! :D >

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  1. Hey Jojo, I like the very first drawing actually - it reminds me of the gelflings from The Dark Crystal - and again, I like the hint of ethnicity about that design:

    The last one - in which you're like a toy or cute collectable IS cute, but I fear it might also be an example of the dreaded style-creep! On a general note it would be great if you could polish and post-produce your drawings before publishing - take them into Photoshop, turn into greyscale, get rid of that murky yellow, and using levels etc. make them punchier!