Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Unit 2: Space - AJttCotE- thumbnails 1

Whilst reading the first source material, I've came up with some quick sketches of how the scene would be shown. Though the first image is only quick ones, I decided to develop and come up with something better. 

So looking at the images from my influence map, I've managed to come up with these ideas. The top left image is based on watching the children's TV programme "Wishbone" which briefly tells the story of A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (AJttCotE) after my little sister been watching it and advised me to do so as well, which proved quite helpful in coming up ideas for something that is outside the cave as well the interiors. The other three images are all based on my influence maps, I've also went to include the "wee man" as an indication of the size of the interiors and added colours to it using Photoshop to make it easier to understand.

Original sketch
Photoshop Added

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  1. Hey Jo,

    Sketch to expanded sketch, effective method of presentation. Your sketch is a little pale would be nice to see the sketch lines a little more. You can bump that up with levels in adjustments - levels. Works wonders for all sketch lines.

    The colour concepts are nice, story boarded lines well placed. Again though, there are no chosen names, context, etc. I know whats in the scene but I cannot bond an attachment without knowing why - where is this in the book, etc.

    Add that & the concept will jump and be much more thought provoking.

    Love it though, looks like you are enjoying your concept and that is important :)