Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Life Drawing class: Week 6

To start off the lesson, we had a male model doing 2 minute poses for us. This I think I'm getting used to now, but hard to think of what kind of experiment should I take on to sketch these out as I have a habit of reverting back to the way I draw which is bad!

2 Minute sketches- overall

2 minute sketches- close up

2 Minute sketches- close up

2 minute sketches- close up

2 minute sketches- close up

After doing about 15 of these, we went onto drawing them for 30 minutes using the thumb pencil measurement. I find that doing this is beginning to get a bit more easier than last time, though when drawing the right foot, because of the angle he has placed it in made it difficult to draw. But apart from that I was really happy with the result!!

Doing another 30 min drawing, using the same method again, only this time with the model having his back towards me. This was a bit harder to draw with as there is no chin, or neck so I tried  to divide the head slightly half and put where the shoulders meet. This made some slight differences on proportions like the distance of the feet and the length of the lower torso as a whole, but apart from that the outcome still looks good.

Last 2 minute sketches to finish up for the day with the model cleaning up the place and pausing for us to draw.

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  1. Hey Jo,

    I really like these drawings, very detailed for 2 minute mock ups. The detail in your 30 minute ones is also very nice. The use of perspective lines is also vital for this kind of work, I can see you experimenting with line implements very nice. All round very nice