Monday, 3 October 2011

Hybrids and me: sketches 2

Here are some more sketches for my hyrbid design, fusing the humand and zebra skulls together as well as thinking of how it looks in the flesh. Experimentation of the eyes and a rough silohuette drawing of the full body- inspired by the look of El Fauno from Pan's Labyrinth. I've also tried to think of ideas of the hands with tiny hoofs in place of nails and the feet with some few humanoid toes remain. I also am thinking of how the hybrid creature can adapt to its enviroment especially in the dry plains in the grass.


  1. Hi Joey,

    Sorry for not commenting sooner but for some reason I seem to have trouble posting comments on blogger at uni. To answer your questions, but the most important one first.

    An OGR is an online green light review. I've sent you a link to one of the second year's OGR which will help you see what you need to do. Basically you need to upload all your present work for Phil to see with links to previous blog posts.

    I do believe yours is tomorrow, so try and have everything uploaded by tonight :).

    As for what year I'm in, I'm in the third year. It is a little different to the first year in a sense that I don't have lectures. I do have one to one tutorials with Alan and Phil but that's not quite the same thing. I also, like in the 1st year have Maya lessons. My project is going ok so far but got a looong way to go yet. XD

  2. Hi Lev,

    haha no worries, blogger is a pain at times! ah thank you!! I've managed to get it done on time!