Saturday, 1 October 2011

Life drawing class- Week 2


On the second week of the Life drawing class, we were told to be more confident (which I found a challenge). This would mean that lines had to be either done in one go or  built up quicker within  30 minutes between changes. I think that my drawing is slightly improving though still needs to practice more!

The first image is of the model sitting with her back towards me, this I found quite easy to draw but as the picture shows, from the waist downwards and the left arm are slightly out of proportions. This image was done within 30 minutes.

The second image is of the female model again only from the side in a standing pose. At this point, we were told to draw like as if we're taking the pencil "for a walk". I found that drawing the facial features quite hard but the shading on the image was quite easy done. Done this in 25/30 minutes.

The Third is of the model standing with her hands on her hips in a very "unique" way, as having them set backwards which I found this quite challenging. Again we had to use less pencil strokes which I found this too quite challenging as I usually draw images as shapes. So using my judgement by drawing a single line in one go, I was quite happy with the result since I haven't drawn just using my judgement instead of shapes in ages!! Drawn in 25/30 mins.

Lastly the fourth image, which by this time there's only 15 minutes left until class finishes which was a challenge to me to get all the details within that time. So as you can see in the image below, the only "most toned" area is her foot so hopefully next time I shall use the time more wisely in drawing the proportions and add in tones if neccessary.


  1. Hi Joey,

    These are looking great :D. It's a bit of a shock when at first you have to do drawing differently but it's all fun in the end. Just remember to simply go for it and don't ever be afraid to simply 'just do it' :)

  2. Hi Lev! yeah I know!! was panicking about the whole naked idea but kinda getting used to it now, and yeah!! will do!! :D