Friday, 14 October 2011

Life Drawing class: Week 4

This week wasn't too bad, we had to draw quick sketches of the model within two mintutes. This was hard  to grasp due to the quick time durations to draw the whole figure. I've managed to draw 11 images on one page and 3 on the other page. I've also managed to add some tones on some of them since I've had a few seconds left before moving onto the next image.

For the image below, we had to focus on doing the "thumb- pencil" measuring method to try and aim for a more precise image. I found this difficult at first as I can't quite judge how big should the image be on the paper comparing to the thumb pencil sizes. The head and lower part of the body looks successful in the image.

Another one we did, with the same methods used. This time I found it quite easier as the body is slightly directly in front of me.With some time left, I've managed to add some tones to it.

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