Friday, 7 October 2011

Hyrbids and Me: sketches 4

More head sketches!! I've decided to experiment with the human and zebra's skulls together from the side and wonder about the nose and the jaw placements. This is the first image that I managed to come up with. I've then tried to add in the eyes and other facial features until I came up with a "dragon" look.

Trying with the experimentation of the lower lip, I've also experiment in going for something that looks a bit more muscle looking.

I've decided to try out to recreate the zebra head, in a different structure though through this result looks a bit more reptilian than zebra/ human kind.

Lastly, this tryout was more focused on the human skull with added parts of the zebra's skull. The results of this looks more cartoon-ish due to the eyes which was not intended but just an experiment and adding the colours onto the rough sketch "did" make it look more zebra like than human.

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