Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Life drawing class- week 3

 Week 3 of life drawing class went really good even though we've only did 2 pictures this time. Reasons for that is because we're working with charcoal on a page using the rubber to rule out the light sources and adding more charcoal for the darker tones.
The first session we had a male model posed for us. I found it quite hard to draw the face but felt that drawing the proportions of the body had improved more than last week's.

After having a small break, the models switched over which this time we had the female model. At first I panicked as I wasn't exactly sure where to start since I can't quite judge the basic shapes of the body. So using the method of using the rubber to draw light tones first, it helped me figure out the proportions as well as giving me confidence on the whole image. So adding a few more tones to finish the image, I was really happy with the result that I don't want to ruin it by adding more!!

After that image, we had a little break again to talk about everyone else's work. While we're doing this fellow classmate Andrew decided to "face charcoal" me just for the fun of it (and adding the moustache!) which this is the result:

so this is my "early Halloween" costume sorted, but note to self: always hide behind the easel so that noone can do "charcoal attack" on you!! \(>A<)/


  1. lol, theres always somebody whos bound to get the charcoal treatment.

    I like your second piece, the use of shading with the rubber is quite effective. Also, I like the background strokes around the model, it kinda makes the paper look like some sort of material or canvas :)

  2. How did you know I always wanted to be a zebra!! :P