Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maya: Bottle labeling and shading

Managed to get the bottle labelling and shading done, though whilst in the making, the bottle and cup ended up being the same colour as the liquid and the bottle label disappeared. This took a while to resolve and ended up redoing and retracing most of the steps but managed to get back on track. In the end, the rendering took a lot of time to render but the results turned out well.

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  1. Hi Joey, great to see you getting your Maya tutorials done and that your coping well with the first steps in Maya :D. Just a little bit of advice, in the render view (the window you've taken a screen shot of) if you click on file in the top left hand corner there's a 'save as' option. If you saved your rendered image as a JPEG rather than a screen shot it'd look a lot better on your blog professionally and will also please Alan (who will be marking your Maya tutorials). :)