Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Unit 2: Space- A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (AJttCotE)

Yay!! New unit today, which is of space. So after the brief and picking a random slip of paper from the box of scary mysteries I've got "Folder 2" which is...A Journey to the Centre of the Earth- by Jules Verne

I haven't seen the film before or read the book, but after watching the 2008 trailer, the landscape scenery is quite wide, with different genres of age like Jurassic era with Avatar setting to it. So more to come!! :D


  1. Hey Joey,

    Apreciate the Introduction on my blog. Orlando was lovely, I'm missing it already. Discovered a few nice little things to use for this project so I'd be happy to share if your interested.

    Regarding your chosen Folder congrats, not a big book reader so anything I can give you on its content is speculatory. But I may have seen a Brenden Fraser film before not sure if its the same thing. The imagery was epic... cant wait to see what you bring to this story :)

  2. Hey Stitch,

    Thanks! Wow!! Orlando is such a good place to go for hols, haven't been there in years! What did yous do in Orlando? Hope you've taken lots of good pictures! Yeah Sure! I'm up for new stuff and anything that'll help us both with the projects would be great! Also if there's thingys to use for this project, I'd be happy to share if you're interested too.

    haha thanks, not a big book reader myself either but anything would be really helpful. I haven't read the book nor the film before so its kinda just taking some keywords from the extracts and just doodle. Think the Brendan Fraser one is on the same book but slightly a follow up to it?

    Im not sure has anyone told you about the project but its pretty much the same as what we did for the last project,but here's the low down of what to do in it:

    You need to pick out a folder (if you're in school today, you can get them off from phil) these folders can be seen on myuca (space folder and then unit materials) and there will be 2 or 3 extracts from the book folder.

    Research on the extracts, along with the influence map research. 3 perspective drawing excercises.

    Oh and you need to come up with a minumum of 100 thumbnails and at the end of the project you should also have 3 digital concept paintings with 5 stages of development on them, done as well. Essay is on the analysis of production design and visual concept(s) of one film.

    Hope this helps!! But most of it is on the myuca, Let me know if you need any help! Looking forward to see what you bring to your story folder!! :D