Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maya: 3,2,1 point lighting

Doing the 1 point light front first with the cinema scene, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be though the light hitting the background didn't go quite well because it went too bright at first. But in the end I've managed to tone this down. The rear lighting, the green background scenery went really hard as well because the light shining below the door didn't appear at the start and being not exactly sure of what happened or what to do, I've restarted it again. This time it worked!!

Moving onto 2 point lighting this was a bit easier, kinda getting used to the lighting tools and others.

3 Point lighting seemed quite easy to do, adding spot, key and fill lights.

 This time, the spaceship project was pretty fun playing around with coloured lights and everything.

early morning

early morning 2

mid day

night time



fire blaze

And this one I did randomly by clicking on all layers to appear!! :P

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