Monday, 19 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation- Interim Online Review- Part 1

Unit 5 OGR p.1

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  1. OGR 20/03/2012

    Hey Joey - you've worked so hard on this; your character design for your penny-farthing just made me smile when I saw him - very clever resolution of his 'eyes' as the curves in the handlebars! You've managed to get a lot of character into your challenging object! Your storyboards read well (though I'm a bit confused as to the precise action that occurs with the boulders after the wrecking ball has been operated?). Obviously, when it comes to depicting your construction site, you're not going to be dealing with colour or too much detail - just enough to suggest the action. Technically, I want you to think about how you might stage some of your action sequences as dynamically as possible - in a 360 degree way - for instance, the scene with the pipe turning around. Think about what you learned in unit 4 re. different kinds of shots and coverage. Check out this animation below for inspiration of how you can use the white space of your paper as dynamically as possible - and how you can have elements appearing and disappearing as you need them to:

    As discussed - while I like the idea of a slightly more battered Penny-farthing, I don't think you should over-egg this aspect; yes, give him a kinked front wheel, because that will give your bike a nice 'walk-cycle' but don't over do it.

    In regard to your written assignment - okay, but remember the structure of an intro:

    1) State simply and clearly the investigative intention of the assignment.
    2) Give prime sources of research and explain their usefulness.
    3) Give order of points - i.e. the flow of territories explored, to include, 'In conclusion, this assignment will seek to prove/disprove/argue that...'

    Be plain-speaking, to the point and try to kill off all the 'little words of waffle' - like 'This assignment will try and delve into what might be...' - Consider instead; 'This assignment examines...' Check you're own writing for any little words or repetitions you can just chuck out.