Saturday, 10 March 2012

Unit5: Penny Farthing designs

Here are some designs for my old penny farthing. I aim to design a bike that looks old and blind but cheery in a way. I've looked at Mr Magoo and some other characters from my influence map. I've asked animator Meg for advice in how to show that this bike is myopic and she suggested in looking further into the body expressions and how people who are partially sighted might express today. I've also taken a few studies of the penny farthing as well. 
Structure practice


  1. I think he needs to either squint really badly or use thick glasses! I like p4 no 3 from the front, and p2 no2 from the side - it loks old and wrinkly :)

  2. Yeh same here, these are really good and I can see it with big old glass :) keep it up.