Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Unit 5: Idea refinement

Using the feedback that I received, I have decided to go with idea one from my previous post.

Idea Refinement:
Penny farthing in the garage (all alone and abandoned)
Daydreams of becoming a race bike
One day it decides to go out to practice
Goes through obstacles like puddles, small hills
Goes up a hill
At it goes down, speed picks up and is unable to control itself
Runs over a rock
Falls front first
Breaks handle bars
Confused and lost as it bumps into things like trees (wheels wobble as well)
A more modern- updated bike with briefcase appears
Helps Penny farthing with a newer handlebars and tyres then drives off
Penny Farthing feeling more glad and able to see gives up the idea of driving.
Still not sure about the ending idea bit but let me know what yous think!! ;D

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