Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unit 5: New story idea

Speaking to TutorPhil yesterday helped inspire me to get a better idea for the Penny Farthing story as the previous idea seemed a bit bland. I've looked at "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" mini episode, "Somethings Cookin'" for some idea of creating havok and danger behind an innocent happy character. I've also looked at Mr Magoo, Tom and Jerry episodes like "The Little Orphan" and "The little Woodpecker" and also Popeye, "Baby Wants Spinach". So here is another story of it set in a construction site and the alternate endings for them.

Old partially blind Penny Farthing is out on a stroll,
Sees two signs, one blurry sign reading"Keep out- Construction site ahead"- the other in clear, "bike shop- 1 mile"
Curious and excited the penny farthing heads straight on without realisng he's entering the construciton site
Various mishaps happens as the penny farthing cycles ahead, like building frames falling, a construction tube acts as a bridge for the bike to cross to the other side

Ending idea 1:

Penny farthing cycles on to a construction ramp (which a demolition ball falls from above) and launches the penny farthing
Penny farthing lands back to the begginning where the two signs are
partially blind and confused, the bike still thinking its going to a bike shop heads straight to the opposite direction- away from the construction site and from the bike shop.

Ending idea 2:

Penny farthing cycles up to a long ramp
slightly speeds up on the way down
finially sees the bike shop and enters

Ending 3:

Penny Farthing cycles on a metalwork frame
stops mid point
looks up to see a large (construction hammer?) from above descending on him
Penny farthing turns white
Cycles at high speed to just get away from getting crushed
Without realising the bike is already at the bike shop door.

Popeye- Baby Wants Spinach

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  1. I like 1 and 2 (endings) 1 seems to fit the hole story more while 2 just seems to fit the persanality more, how it could just not be aware of it surroundings and somehow survie it all with out a scratch.