Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shots 1 and 2 test

Slightly improved shot one combined with the 360ish view as a test. (not originally on the storyboard) also added in shot 3 to see would it work?? So far I'm really happy with how the camera moves from top to profile shot. The profile cycle still needs some tweeking with the wheels and structure though.


  1. That transition works really well, although it seems to jump at about 3 seconds - might need another frame there :)

  2. Hey Jojo - great stuff for going for that nice animated camera move - and yes, there is a jump, as Chrissie observes. You know, I can't help observing that maybe you're still investing too much in the backgrounds - I know they're only outlines, but I can't help thinking that something even more suggested and gestural would suit. Also - now that you've attempted that great swooping camera move, it does feel as if you complete that shot we should move towards the penny-farthing a bit more, as right now he's rather stranded in the mid-distance; again, I think a simpler canvas/environment would help you stage the penny-farthing more powerfully.