Friday, 9 March 2012

Unit 5:Story line-up??

Here's my story's line-up combining story ending idea 1 from my previous post:

Old partially blind Penny Farthing is out on a stroll,
Penny Farthing sees two signs, one (from the old bike's POV is blurred) reads, "Keep Out- Construction site ahead" (he could also maybe struggles to read it and presumes a "good sign"?)
The sign, in clear reads, "Bike Shop- 1 mile".
Feeling excited, the penny farthing heads happily straight into the construction site unaware of its dangers.
As it happily cycles through, parts of the construction site becomes effected- like frames falling, ramps or construction tubes which creates a bridge for the bike to go across (pretty much in the style of "The Goldberg effect")
A large ramp is made. Penny farthing crosses it
Large construction ball falls from above and lands on the ramp
Launches the penny farthing up in the sky
Penny Farthing lands back to the entrance of the construction site
slightly confused, he happily cycles forward- in the opposite direction away from the construction site.


  1. Its looking good! But just remember your drawing all of this so what sort of background are you having? (yes its going to be the site but whats it going to look like?) In other words Id say get some drawings down as you are on a roll! :)

  2. In terms of background, I'm not sure if you need one (in our brief we didn't have to have a background). Maybe for the first few shots we could see the entire construction site (so thqat the audience knows where the animation is set) and then simply minimize it so that the only tings that move are the objects. Just a thought :)

  3. Thanks everyone, but background wise, I probably have a few shots of them and would only put in construction parts that are the most important to the story, like the ramp and the construction ball?

    "get some drawings down as you are on a roll!" me butter (don't really!!) :D

  4. It's a really good story. I can't wait to see the sketches.:)