Friday, 16 March 2012

Animation Class: Week 2

Today, following up from last week's lesson we focused more on gestures. After having some feedback and advice from Animation Meg, she showed me about what a gesture looks after I showed her some of mine. Most of mine were or outlines whereas the best way to understand gestures is to try and draw or scribble a quick image from whats in front or from memory without looking at the page. To warm us up for the day, we did more gesture drawings which this time we start from one pose, then imagine and draw what the model's next pose would be and then finally draw the second pose. Strangely at first some of my guess poses turned out similar to the actual 2nd pose.
Guess guestures and with Animation Meg's gesture example (middle left)
We did more of these before moving onto draw poses in action in particular, sports. We would draw the starting pose of the action and the end pose whilst superimposing on top of the starting image pose.
Poses in action
Next Animation Meg posed for us by sitting on a chair before changing to a old man's pose half sitting on the chair and to a woman standing upright. We've used this as a base for our hand drawn animation where Animation Meg begins from sitting on a chair to standing upright wihtin 6 frames.

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  1. hey hey this is looking good. I can feel every pose and the chair animation is sweet :)