Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Life Drawing Class: week 17

Today in life drawing, we focused on Dynamics. This involves movement of the body and how this can be expressed and shown in our work. To start things off, we did the usual 10- 2 mins sketches.

Next we focussed on dynamics and movement. The model did a slowed motion of sweeping the floor, I've decided to go for the method that we're currently using for our Animation workshops with Meg which were to take out the most important poses (the beginning, middle and end). At first I've used and oridinary pencil but decided that it might be best if it were to be in different colours. I've mainly used blue and red colours to differentiate them. We did the same thing for the second round, this time the model walking back and forth and pose for a coouple of seconds. I've used red to show poses on the left and walking to the right and for the blues, pose on the right and walking to the left side of the room. 

Again doing the same thing, this time I've added in a purple to show the inbetweens. Starting with the model twisting side to side using red and blues, then later adding the purple on the lower left as he takes a step up a  ladder. Finally with the last one the model is walking in circles slowly. Again I took the important parts (mainly the front) and one from left, right and behind and coloured this boldly in blue and red. The others are lightly shaded and with reds, blues and purples.

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