Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life Drawing Class: Week 16

Today, continuing from last week's lesson on expressionism we've also focused on gestures. The whole idea of gestures was still confusing for me to get into grips with but after some advice and reassurance from Tutor Chris it became more clearer. At first I thought it was all to do with shapes or tones but it was all mainly to do with drawing using the arm, letting the arm do most of the drawing rather than the hand. Anyways, to warm things up we did the usual quick sketches ranging from 3mins to 10 secs.

Later, we went on to expressionism. The topic for this round was melancholy and so we can express it in different ways. I went with the toned style and add emphasis on the light and shadows to reflect on this.

Afterwards using the same pose and topic, we had to do a gestured version of this in under a minute. Before discussing with Tutor Chris about gestures, this is what I've drawn. Just a sketchy quick version of the same image.

This time, we had to express Pompous. Because the model had his back to us I thought I can concentrate on the lines. This was when I discussed with Tutor Chris about the gestures, he also suggested that I use tones to emphasize this instead of simple line drawing. 

Next we went to draw/ express Narcoleptic. Again I feel that lined or squiggly tones might help emphasize that the model is sleeping. I've also added some shadow/ tone lines on the outside to show he's sleeping?

Lastly we did the "look down on someone" behavior (Forgot the proper name!! :S) This I thought I could add emphasis on the head and the expressions on the face and arms- also adding tone as well. I think that the face worked quite well.

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