Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Unit 5:More initial ideas

Just another quick fire of ideas only instead of thinking of having the bike getting blinded I thought about what happens if its already blinded and now discarded. I can't help but think that the light bulb is the ideal place for the eyes and the handlebars acting as a hand/ ears. Anyways, here's more ideas.

Idea 1:
Penny farthing in the garage
Thinks of becoming a race bike
Goes out to practice
Runs over a rock/ obstacle
Falls front first
Breaks handle bars
Confused and lost as it bumps into things
Gets handlebar replaced.

Idea 2:
Penny farthing in the garage
Blind already, sits in the spot and daydreams of being out in the dark
Daydreams of looking around the town and streets at night
Owner comes along and puts light on the penny farthing
Penny farthing and owner goes out at night.

Idea 3:
Penny farthing sleeping in garage/ museum
Light bulb on the penny farthing decides to break free and escapes
Penny Farthing wakes and attempts to chase after the light bulb
Penny farthing goes through an assault course whilst being blind
Ends up falling on one of the set ups and gets accidentally launched
Lands in front of the bulb
Bulb returns back to Penny Farthing
Penny farthing returns back to its place and sleeps.

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  1. Im Likeing Idea 1 a lot more than the other two. The others have there good points but non realy... well ill put it this way, I read 1 twice and the others once. :)