Monday, 5 March 2012

Unit 5: Animation- Initial ideas

Here are some quick initial ideas for my story. I've mostly thought of the penny farthing as a slow bike, moving similar to a tortoise as it moves front wheel first. I've numbered and lettered them just to help me mix around ideas.

Hawaii Sea turtle:

And this video is just another way of "giving life" to a car:


  1. Hey hey. I was thinking, to help everyone in the group to get started we could meet up Wednesday (as we all have to come in anways) and have like a little group chat about ideas ect. This should help get everyone off and going, and should help if anyone is struggerling. Message me back at what you think.

    Also, Im liking some of the ideas and thourghts here, I suggest you mix and match then into small full storys and see what you can come up with as have a nice selection here! Though I found it a bit confusing and got lost at one point looking at them. (though that prob me being silly :D)But yeh mix and match and you may find some gold of you may find the path to the gold :) Have a nice day now!

  2. Hey Mike, yeah I've put numbers and letters together just to mix them around to see which stories could go well. But more to come!

    Tommorrow sounds good as I'm planning to stay in uni doing work all day(its nearly done!!). But the others are in at different times? But yeah I'll come!! :D