Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Life Drawing Class: Week 18

 Today in life drawing class we focused on last weeks topic of Dynamics and movement. This time instead of doing the usual few mins sketches, we did some "key frames" of the model's movement. This was done in eight key frames which the model was mostly in static motion. This started with the model posing from below and up and for the second round, the model is sweeping with a prop in circles.

Next doing pretty much the same with the previous exercise (with the eight frames), we were told to add emphasis on the cloth's creases as the model poses around with it. This again was used for the next exercise which involves the model reaching for the tray and we have to imagine the movement of the water as she "chucks" it out.

the cloth 
tray and imaginary water exercise
We then later did another exercise only similar to last week's exercise, we have to draw inbetweens between to images to show movement. This was done by the model posing in one position (with a cardboard javelin) and the other posing as if she's throwing it. I thought to show this would be ideal to use a red pencil to highlight the movements.

javelin throw
This time, we focused on the dynamics and movement of the model and the cloth. This was done with the model dancing around with the cloth and at some random stages the model was told to stop. At this point we have to draw the model in rough shape for 30 secs before continuing. Again, to show this I thought it would be better to show the movement in a different colour. This worked best as although it looks messy but it separates between model and cloth and pretty much forming a shape. This exercise was done again for the second round. 

Next we did some more of images in movement. Mark showed us an image of how movement is recorded in image form which shows small trails of action leading from one to the next, similar to Pas De Deux. This involved the model walking, then getting frightened before running off. The second round involved the model pretending to lift weights before lifting them into the air and the third round has the model walking around with a few props under her arms. Again, using the red colour I've added emphasis on the movement (like lines) or added in betweens in red colour.

walk, frightened and run
walking and lifting

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