Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Life Drawing: Week 15

Today on week 15, we are focusing  on the behaviours on the body and how we can express them in art. This also helps us to get into grips with our Unit 5  work. As usual, we start with the quick sketches. Afterwards we did our first expressionist art based on the emotion of terrified. I thought of the "Scream" artwork and did something similar where everything is distorted curved. As usual it didn't turned out as I imagined but was still looked different.

Whilst on the subject of emotions, we did another piece based on "Flamboyant". This was quite hard for me to show but I kind of based this style on the anime images, more notably Pokemon at the end where it shows the last shot, where light and tones were exaggerated. Not sure if my image shows "flamboyant"??
Again, based on the emotion of furious I thought of using straight lines done in a "sketchy- scratchy" way. It worked in some way but up close is more noticeable and instead of looking furious, the way the model had her thumb made it looked like she was in high moods.


Next we based our images on the sulking type. This again was a bit hard to express because of her back but I thought of doing this in a sad way. It worked well even the cloth on her chair. I'm really happy with the way this image has turned out.

Lastly, we based this image on the emotion of wounded. Using the same techniques as my previous image, it worked well in some places. The far left leg is slightly distorted but didn't get enough time to make changes.


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