Friday, 4 October 2013

Minor Project: Project development- Tutorial 02- Animatic

After showing my animatic to Alan, developments are needed.The animatic needs some development in the transitions as well as the opening and ending are needed some working with. I prefer ending A as ending B, after looking back at it many times looks a bit too cold. 


  1. Still so sad at the end :O BUT it did remind me of Watership Down. The opening story of the rabbit prince and of the 'Brighteyes' sequence... have a look :) Similar in style and abstract-ness.'Watership+Down'+1978%2C+Part+1%2F7 - It's the first 4 mins of the film

    1. Wow thanks Sammy!! I used to love watching this show :D

  2. Hi Jojo,

    Okay - as discussed, I think you need to be much more abrupt and shocking here; which means you should 'snatch' the music and the mood away from your audience and sort of 'slam them' into the final tableau of animals.. I also think, having introduced us to those animals only, that the final scene which shows them as exhibits, should also show lots and lots of other extinct animals; so the shot sort of opens out to reveal the extent and scale of the extinction problem. Obviously these final animals can be 'faked' a bit, so duplicates used and focus used to ensure you're not modelling a 1000 animals for the purposes of one shot, but you get my meaning. I'm thinking of a final scene that has the power of something like this:

    Also - in terms of carrying your style all the way through the piece, your trees/water etc. should also be made from the same 'stuff' as your animals - so carrying that cut-out feel through too - not real world or 'more' realistic than your characters.