Friday, 4 October 2013

Minor Project: Bird thumbnails and character refinement

After having my tutorial with Alan, there's still room for character refinement. In order to show animals that are extinct, they needed to appear slightly odd, unique or otherworldly. The dodo is excluded as this would become a straight dead giveaway within the film. I've rounded up some animals that appears unique and some based on feedback. The bird however, still needs some changes so below, I've designed some new birds. At the moment, its either the large Haast's eagle (number 2) or the popular passenger pigeon (number 4) that I like as most birds during that era looks almost the same.

Bird thumbnails

Chosen Animals for Land, sea and insect categories

1 comment :

  1. All these designs are pleasing to the eye, I especially like bird #2 and your green sea creature :) what is this extinct species called by the way?