Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Minor Project: Animals movements research

In preparation to make my 3D models, I've had a look at some reference footage of animals on how they would run. The hardest animals that would need more focusing on in terms of movement would be the Eastern Elk and the Sea Mink as their rhythm is more fast paced compared to the others. I've made a list of the sort of movement and needs that the animals make that would be seen in my animation:

Xerces Blue Butterfly:
  • Wings flap up and down

European Sea sturgeon (fish):
  • Swims with tail swimming side to side(like a shark)

Sea Mink:
  • Caterpillar-like movement for running (possibly need a ribbon rig)
  • Tiny stubby legs
  • Big tail

Haast's Eagle:
  • Wings flap in an arc-like shape

Steller's Sea cow:
  • Swims but tail goes up and down

Eastern Elk:
  • Quadruped model
  • Quadruped rig
For further research on the Elk and the Mink's run cycle, I've had a look at Eadweard Muybridge's run cycle of the horse and of the squirrel as their movements are almost similar to my characters. I've made a 2D run cycle of the mink and a 'Passage' dance walk of the horse after looking at some reference footage which I hope to apply this to my Elk.

Mink Running test cycle

Horse dance "passage"

Horse reference dance (around 01:30)

Slow motion ferret running (dooking)


  1. hi joey !!
    really like your stop motion sketching of the mink and it's really cute:D