Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life Drawing: Week 3

This week's has been really fun!! :D We've got to try our hands on using pigment inks, focusing on colours and tones. I was really excited with this as I've never had any experience in working with inks for painting. Our subject this time is of another installation with colourful sheets hung around it. I've started my drawing in pencil first before using the ink, it was a bit difficult in getting the right colours especially the orange which most of the time ended up being red. To make things interesting, I've stuck bits of masking tape around my page which I hope at the end, mimics the installation. The results of this worked amazing that I've ended up doing the same thing again for my last image but without any black pen. 

with pen
with masking tape on
Installation reference
 The second piece was more of trying to play around with colours and see if I can improve getting the right orange. I've mixed around with a lot of colours just to get the brown tone I wanted.

Without pen

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