Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Life Drawing: Week 4

In today's lesson, we've got our hands started drawing from a real life model, Jane. Our main focus for today was to draw dynamics and shapes. We've started the lesson off with a simple 20 minute warm up observational sketch. For the first piece, I've used charcoal and try to concentrate in getting proportions and tone. The hands and feet are still something that I need more working on. It's been a long time since I've drawn anatomy and was pleased that I could pick it up and improve this again. :D 

Next after having a mini critique on each other's work, we did a 1 minute sketch of six different poses. This piece my only aim was to try and get some shapes drawn in as quick as I can.

The next was a more relaxing as we had to drawn Jane in two different poses for 15 minutes. This could be drawn overlaid but I kept this a two different images as my main aim for this piece was to try and create lines of movement and getting the proportions right again. I felt that the image on the left was more successful than the one on the right as the lines are more clearer.

To finish up the lesson, we've did a 30 second sketch of Jane in sixteen different poses. This was more exciting yet fun due to the amount of time given to draw and worry less of other things. My aim for this piece was mainly to have at least the figure drawn out using the lines of movement and using shapes. I was quite pleased with the way this piece turned out! ^_^

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