Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Life Drawing: Week 1

Its been a long time since I last did life drawing and its great to be getting into the swing of it again since I still need to brush up on my anatomy skills. I've joined in with the first years and so we started off the lesson with some still life drawings. The whole idea of today's lesson is to 'get loose' into drawing and use mainly charcoal. At first, I've started off with pencil, then later with charcoal. My idea was that objects that were in the foreground would be in focus and things in the background would become blurred using the charcoal but this ended up a bit different. There was a pretty good amount of time to draw this which later, we were put into groups and give feedback on each others work. 

After giving and getting feedback from others and from Vicky, our life drawing tutor, she'd mentioned that it would be interesting to see if we could draw this again only using negative space. I've used the idea of using the rubber to rub out the charcoal to make shapes, however I did feel that with all the white shapes in the image, it looked a bit confusing. I ended up adding in a bit of charcoal to highlight things that were in front and objects that were behind would remain as a white shape. The result of this looks interesting. :D

Lastly as a fun exercise, we are to concentrate on drawing an item for three minutes before leaving our images behind and move onto another person's drawing and add another item into their drawing. I've used a blue and green pencil to highlight tones. After three rounds of moving places, we'd have three drawings from different people on our sheets.

My drawing (starting on the skeleton-with-a-cap)


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