Sunday, 13 October 2013

Minor Project: Animatic draft 03 & Tutorial 03

After my tutorial with Alan, it was decided to replace the opening with a fade in as previously with a framed image this can give out the ending too soon. Another few minor changes were made in the animatic, along with the ending sequence which was to define the depth distance between the animals. As for the echo, I've tried to create this using GarageBand as it was a lot more easier to handle and is also a good way of getting back into it since I haven't used GarageBand in years! I've came up with three different versions of the echo but have narrowed it down to two, I think echo version two works as there is a slight delay in the echo. Feedback on this would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!! :D


  1. Hi Jojo,

    I think the interruption and the echo is beginning to give this animatic what it needs - but I still think you need to be more bold still in terms of the change between the 'carnival' and the museum scene. I suggested before that maybe you need to rethink the staging of the scene just before; so instead of the profile shot of the animals running, you bring the camera to the front, so that the animals are running towards us; if you make this a close up shot - so, for example, we see all the animals from the side, the camera moves to the front of them, the 'elk' or the 'otter' gets close to the camera, filling it and then suddenly as the music stops, the otter is frozen, it's colour 'switching off' with the break in the music - and then the camera moves away from the close-up allowing us to see more of the scene, and now we see that all the animals are white and cold and that we're now actually in a museum. Right now, I still think the transition between the two moods is too graduated and this is due in part to the fact we see the complete museum world too soon; think about first shocking the audience as all that lovely forward momentum is halted and the colour switches off, and then revealing the fact of the museum as the camera takes in more of the environment. I'd simply encourage you to restage those end sequences for a more impactful finale.

    Oh - the like the way the sea mink moves between the 'elk's' legs - I'm just wondering if you could include the butterfly and the fishing weaving in between them similarly in terms of pattern?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the feedback, there's so much going on that I totally forgot about the re staging of the ending!! Sorry!! Will fix this now :D