Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Life Drawing: Week 2

Today in life drawing class we're focusing on tones in particular the shapes of shadows and lights created from cardboard shapes. We've used a range of mixed media, starting with charcoal in the beginning and using the techniques that were suggested to use from last week. Continuing on from last week's negative spaces, I thought I'd have a go at this again but using blurred charcoal to get different tonal shapes. This kind of worked to me in particular in the middle area with the "housed" cardboard. 
Still life photo

Later as an experiment, we've divided up our sheet into a grid of six squares. The challenge of this is to use a different technique/ media on each square using no more than five minutes on each square. My aim was to create the same image within the given time but using different media and techniques. Starting from the top left, I've started the piece with a charcoal background and using an eraser to create lines. The next image to the right I've drawn the same image but in tonal colours with a twist. I've used the darker colour, purple for the lighter shade and the green for the darker tones and shadows. The third image on the top right is using the idea of negative space, but focusing on the shadows instead whilst using a felt tip pen. On the bottom right, this was just a colorred tonal piece using purple for the darker shades and the orange for the light. The bottom middle square is a pencil quick line drawing as I was having little time left. Finally with the last square on the bottom right, the process was the same as the first square with a charcoal background, but instead I've used the eraser for the darker shades. As a result, this creates a "negative colored" image which I quite like. :) 

As part of something extra, using photographs taken in different angles, we were to choose one image and do a study of this. I did mine on Photoshop only to quickly focus on the colours used. This took me an hour to do, I've spent more time on the background objects than in the front. I haven't drawn something realistic for a while so this needs more practice. :D

chosen reference image
Quick colour study
I did another drawing focusing on light and shadows from one of my photos but changed the colours to black and white. Again, this piece took an hour to do only spending more time with things that are in the foreground more than the ones in the background.
Tonal study
Reference image
 Below are the other five images that I've taken of the cardboard structure.

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