Wednesday, 30 October 2013

@Alan- Minor Project: Sea Mink and Sea Sturgeon refinements

I've made some slight changes on the characters especially the mink and also applied an egg shape on the fish and the sea cow- does it work? :)


  1. Hi Joey,

    Red - I still think there is something not quite right about your red guy. I suggest lowering the head - Take a look at your side view, his head is much lower. Try putting them side by side in photoshop and drawing guides.

    Green - Fish is now ok.

    Purple - Apply the same logic as to the head as you did the body. The head is a perfect oval at the moment. Try changing it to 'wider' / 'narrower' from top of the head to the snout.

    1. Hi Alan,

      Okie dokie, thanks!! I'll get going on those two right away :D