Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit 4: Storytelling- Small fish silhouettes

Here are more silhouette designs for my small fish character to suit with the big fish. I've tried experimenting with the structure and faces to show he's not afraid of the big fish. So far I am liking number 10 because of the facial expression and the stance he's in.


  1. Yo JoJo Im feeling four! innocent, happy go lucky, but the facial expression on ten is quite funny, but i feel it screams arrogance a little bit? maybe mixing a few of the stronger ones together and you may have a result!

    The image on this review, if you enlarge it. i was thinking the character "Joey" small quite confident, posture, but looking into the characters you can read exactly how they are, just food for thought :D

    ToodlePip. Jamiiiiiiiiie :)

  2. Number 10 is very cute, Joey - and I admire you for going back in and re-jigging. Well done :)

  3. Thanks Everyone!! ^_^ Will try and mix the two designs together to see what I can make. Thanks Jamie for the food for thought. Never seen the film before but yeah I'll try and add this into the designs!! XD