Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Life Drawing Class: Week 14

Today following last week's lesson with foreshortening, we also focused on the dynamics of the body. So to start the lesson we did some quick sketches of the body in various poses. Though the colours seems a bit faded, I was mostly concentrating in different ways in making it look dynamic.

Quick sketches

 Later as an experiment, we were given some charcoal to again create some dynamic rather than curves on the images. I was really pleased with the the second image on the right where the model is on one knee as the proportions look about right and it is given a sense that he's onto close ground.
charcoal sketches

As part of another experiment, we were given some sticky sugar paper which using these with water, we have to shape out the body and draw out the outlines on top of them. I find this really fun and quite easy to blocking out shapes. Though trouble was that it took quite a lot of time to dry them before adding the charcoal on top of them especially when they need to be done within 30 mins! :S
Sugar paper and charcoal

Again to play on foreshortening, we had to work on the floor. We had a choice of either using the sticky paper or draw them out using pencil/charcoal. I chose to use the sticky paper and charcoal as they're really fun to work with! Though there wasn't enough time to complete the image because of the wet/dryness of the paper so I had to do what I can. I'm quite happy with the left foot but the right foot appears to be a bit distorted and smaller than the other foot. Still, it was fun working with a different type of media!
Sugar paper and charcoal

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