Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Life Drawing Class: week 13

Quick 60 sec sketches
Today was our first day of life drawing class since Christmas. We only have one model in today and so to warm us up, we did the usual 60sec or few mins sketches of the body. We also had to focus on making the drawings look like they flow with curves. I still have difficulty in grasping this but think I'll need to do more practise on this as I've noticed that I kept adding more sketchy lines in the get the image right.

Next we did an hour's draw of what we think expression is in art form. For me, I thought of cubist or shapes style like Picasso's. Whilst doing this, we also had to focus on perspectives so we either could sit or stand to draw. I chose to sit down and drew from a low level. I'm happy with the result of this image as when drawing the image I can make out the shapes of the body.

Lastly we did another drawing of the same brief. Again I chose to sit down and draw from a low level. This time, I think that I should exaggerate the shapes a bit more as when displaying my previous image, from a distance the shapes disappeared. The left leg proved quite a challenge to draw due to its shape and angle, I've also figured that the position of the leg to the chin appears to form a line. This helped me into getting the proportions and angles right as well as knowing where the perception is. I'm very happy with the result.

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