Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fish previous work

Thinking about Fish reminded me of my fish project that I did for my art coursework.I've decided to include them in as I feel that these could help inspire me for character creation.

The top, right and bottom images are observational images of the fish. The top image was made using charcoal, the middle right in water colour paints and the bottom left image was using the pen and wash method.

 The right image are observational photographs that I took and worked on mostly. The bottom left image is painted using water colours and Biro pen whilst combining my own styles and Albrecht Dürer's Rhino styles together. The lower right image is of a fish using tissue paper, tin foil and pen with various images of the fish using the fish eye lens and Photoshop as the background. (Also in the style of Dürer's Rhino). I hope I get to use Dürer to create my muscular dominant fish character due to the powerful armour texture in Dürer's work and mixing these with fish would be quite an interesting route especially for creating a character.

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