Monday, 27 February 2012

"A Fishy Tale" Animatic

Here's my first practice in making an animatic using the stills from my storyboard. I've a few shots in the animatic just to make things look more clearer. Apologies!! Its nearly 2 mins long but will try and figure out which shots needs to be cut out. I'm not really good with sound/music but feedback and opinions would be greatly appreciated. ^_^


  1. brilliant! the sounds are great too.

  2. Hey Jojo - I think you need to make the cuts to your middle section - it's not reading hugely well (the various set-tos between the two fish) - how about slimming that section down. I think the audience needs more time to absorb the establishing stuff about the hotel etc. for them to properly get bedded into your story. Lots of progress here though - just be brutal in the editing room! :)