Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unit 4: Story telling- draft 2 screenplay

Here's draft version 2 of the screenplay. It was very hard not to "kill off" the small upper class fish by chucking him out of an opened window but it'll probably be too cruel and dark!! O_O

Screenplay 2


  1. hey joey. the 'hierarchy' between fish reminds me of some sort of high school scenario, for example, the bulky fish representing a jock-like character, with the smaller, more dapper fish being more of a quiet nerdy type. this may be a suitable way of establishing the relationships between the characters various characters in an familiar way (plus, everyone always wants to see the jock get eaten, killed etc. you could be the one to do it, joey!)

  2. Hey Steven, thnx for the feedback. I like this idea, I was thinkin to have these fishes as rivals to see who is more "successful" and "higher class" than the other. The school idea sounds a great one but am not sure how to have the elevator involved in this?? Shall I really chuck the smaller fish out of the window instead of hanging on a coat hanger?? :s