Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Unit 4: Story telling- Story ideas

A new unit- a new start! Really looking forward in getting into this unit especially doing the storyboards as this unit is quite like the things I did in Moving Images last year where we individually made our own films (mine was a little animation done in the styles of Kill Bill! :D) Anyways, taking a random pick from the bags, we need to come up a story animation involving a prop, character and the environment. Interestingly I drew out these:

And so coming up with story ideas seems a bit hard especially when its involved in either a small inside area of the elevator or outside the elevator. However the ideas I've came up are mostly set inside the elevator. I'm not sure about the genre of the story just yet but so far I quite like the idea of the fisherman trying to close the deck chair whilst inside the elevator, but the elevator going sideways also seem like an interesting idea.

Story ideas


  1. The elevator can be arrived at as an environment within a broader environment, Jojo - i.e., you can begin/end outside of it, inside of it, on top of it etc.

    Somehow, I'm thinking of some rather surreal idea in which the elevator is actually at the end of a fisherman's line - you know, the idea of it being winched up, the way a fish might - not sure what this idea means exactly, but there does seem to be some weird relationship to the mechanism of the fishing rod and the mechanism of an elevator; ah ha! Maybe, you could have a gag-based story, in which we see some fish being tricked into an elevator, only for to discover that, like a worm on a hook, it's just bait, with the elevator being winched up out of the water, to reveal the fisherman in his deckchair licking his lips? Or something like that?

  2. When I was reading it, I thought of the fisherman being sat within the elevator, casting his line through the doors. Each 'floor' was a different setting, a different opportunity for the fisherman to catch something new. Kind of like if you were to think of it as 'speed dating' (trust me, i'm going somewhere with this). He can only sit at a floor for so long before the doors shut, forcing him to move on, much like when the bell rings and you move on to the next person. Completely opposite to the general idea of fishing requiring commitment and patience.