Thursday, 19 January 2012

Unit 3: Environment- The TRICYCLE!! ^_^


 After lost count of hours, I have finally made the tricycle!! d\(^3^)/b It was quite hard to do as the tricyle that I have included in my concept art there weren't any iamges that were similar to this. So I ended up looking at the structures of the tricycle and how similar would this look to the concept version. There weren't any images of the tricycle taken from the front so I ended up using an image of the back of the tricycle and try to draw the measurements and outlines for the front.



the outlines

The tricycle that was based on


  1. good job, joey! can't wait to see it textured!

  2. Well done Joey!!!! This is AMAZING!! So glad you managed to model it!!! So proud!! Cannot wait to see this in your final piece!!!

  3. Ohh this is soo good! Keep going Joey you can do it! :D