Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Unit 3: Enivironmet- Maya- using reflections

Main view
Here I have attempted to create a thumbnail on Maya taken from the idea from one of my thumbnails to see how mirror reflections work as a practice. The model is pretty much similar to the thumbnail only the side walls either more spaced out or brought more further in. The reflections on the sides aren't exactly going well but still need more practise. I've also added some red wall colour just to identify wall reflection easier as well as adding in a "pot on stand" model to help create reflections. I'm quite happy the way the models turned out but I think I need to work on the mirrors more.
From the left 

From the right

Side walls brought closer in

One of the ideas


  1. I'm loving this!!!! The red really gives it the uncanny vibe! :)

  2. Hey Jojo,

    I hadn't seen these when we spoke after the movie today, and I'm liking the very bold approach, though I think the vase/urn is just too average an object to warrant the importance of its position. I suppose too that it's not entirely clear that these surfaces are mirrors, but as you suggest, you're still working in this. The mise-en-abyme idea is making sparks, so I suggest you keep going with it, but perhaps give thought to the subject of your room. It could be any object on that plinth being reflected so endlessly - perhaps something out of place and peculiar or kitsch. Maybe just do some random google searches until you hit upon an object that just feels 'right'. Obviously you're using Maya as a thumbnailing method and that's fine, but when it comes to thinking about the surfaces of all those walls, ceilings and floors, be sure to give their materiality/surface pattern etc. some thought.